Empowering practitioners to do more for the children and families they serve
Clear Sky Children's Charity 
has launched the 
Institute for Play and Attachment 
Clear Sky Children’s Charity are launching a brand new, online CPD membership site for child and family practitioners this September! 

As a Play & Creative Arts Therapy charity we are on a mission to equip therapists, counsellors, social workers and child and family practitioners with creative play skills to enhance their learning and the outcomes for children and families.

Our membership gives you access to engaging and relevant learning and support that you can implement into your practice right away! 
Across the year, you’ll have access to 12+ hours of CPD learning delivered straight to your inbox
What's included in the membership?

Each month you’ll get access to expert teachers delivering high value learning which is relevant to the theme of the month

Membership includes:
  • A 1-hour video workshop on a topic that will be highly relevant to your practice streamed directly into an exclusive Facebook group for IPA members as well as uploaded onto our membership site 
  • ​Q&A support from our expert guests to help you understand and embed the learning
  • ​A weekly resource to help you implement your learning into practice straight away
  • ​A downloadable CPD certificate from the Institute of Play and Attachment that you can count towards your personal development and learning CPD hours
Members of the Institute will also have the option to license and deliver a range of proven and effective Clear Sky training products including our Playful Parents groups, Space to Shine INSET training to schools and Space to Shine mentoring to school staff as well as the whole suite of attachment play CPD accredited trainings.
Our membership is open to any practitioner who works therapeutically with children and families 
What kind of learning themes can I expect in the membership?
We have some fabulous expert speakers lined up to deliver training, here's an idea of the fascinating workshops that you can take part in within the membership...

  • Attachment Across the Generations
  • ​Sensory Attachment in the Playroom
  • ​Sandplay Therapy
  • Dramatherapy techniques to use in your practice
  • ​Working with bereavement
  • ​Understanding trauma
  • ​Polyvagal theory
  • Plus many more!
Membership is now closed until Jan 2020
We have now closed the doors for membership. Add your name to the waiting list by clicking the button at the bottom of the page to be notified the next time doors open.
Want access to bonus materials to support you with running your therapy practice?
Clear Sky's Founder, Sophia Giblin, is providing an additional service for therapists to help you to Amplify Your Impact in the work you are doing with children and families. 
Sophia successfully built and scaled a thriving Play & Creative Arts Therapy charity that delivers therapeutic services to children, families and schools. 
Most therapists just want to do MORE of the work that they love, 
and get paid well for it.
In Amplify Your Impact, Sophia shares exactly HOW to build a business that works for you so that you can get paid to do the work you love! 

Amplify Your Impact is a complementary membership that runs perfectly alongside the Institute for Play and Attachment. 

Amplify Your Impact is designed to help you...

  • Get CLARITY around your big goals
  • ​Have CERTAINTY in your plans that you can make them a reality
  • ​Give you the CONFIDENCE to build a business that has a bigger impact for those you work with, and for you personally 
Having run a successful therapy charity for over 9 years, Sophia has created a 6 step methodology to help therapists at whatever stage on their journey to do more good in the world. 

Amplify Your Impact takes members on a 6 stage journey to take their business to the next level.
  • CLARITY: Helping you to understand what it is exactly that you want from your business and for your life and where your skills and talents lie to enable you to be more 'in flow' with your work
  • VISIBILITY: Finding your voice in a crowded market to speak out on the topics that are important to your work in a way that people will listen and relate to
  • VALUE: Helping you to create and demonstrate your value as an expert through publishing, speaking, writing and networking
  • PROPOSITION: Defining with crystal clarity the packages and products that you offer so you can start doing more of the work you love and charging what you are worth
  • PROCESSES: Putting in place all of the necessary policies, procedures and processes together so your business runs efficiently
  • IMPACT: Replicating success to have a wider impact which could involve scaling your support, or setting up as a charity or CIC to get funding for the work
Amplify Your Impact does 3 main things for your business.
  • Makes you more VISIBLE as an expert in your area
  • ​Makes your advice and support more VALUABLE to potential customers
  • ​Makes your business more VIABLE by helping you generate more revenue
What does Amplify Your Impact provide?
  • Weekly support to help you get unstuck in areas of your business that you might have been procrastinating on for years
  • ​A weekly LIVE Facebook Q&A with Sophia, where you can ask any question to help you move forward with your business
  • ​An online therapist community where you can get support on all things business and practice related. There is no such thing as a silly question in this community!
  • ​Access to expertise and guest business speakers
  • ​Closed, supportive Facebook group community
  • ​Private members area website where all content can be accessed
Because we are committed to helping as many therapists as we can to do MORE GOOD in the world, we've teamed up to offer something really special to anyone who signs up to the Institute for Play & Attachment.
You can have full access to 
Amplify Your Impact 
for just £1 for the first month!
We want you to try it out, get some amazing value from the group and ideally stick around so that you can continue to benefit from the community support as well as the weekly support and learning. 

But, if you don't love it you can cancel at any time. You can even have your £1 back if it really isn't for you! 
I want to know when membership opens again
Discounts available for annual membership payments
Cancel anytime by sending us an email info@clear-sky.org.uk 
Membership will reopen in Jan 2020
Clear Sky Children's Charity 2019 - Institute for Play & Attachment
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